Sturegatan 44, S-114 36 Stockholm, Sweden
 Phone 08/213420, ......Int. + 46 8 213420  E-Mail: leopoldsantik@gmail.com


                   How to order                   

Send the order to us by E-mail, you can also send it by mail.

State your name, address, country and E-mail address.

When you order postcards, state the ordernumber, the topic and the price.

When you order phonecards, state the cardnumber, quantity and price.

When you order books, state the ordernumber, author, title and price.

Postage will be added to every delivery.

You can pay with Paypal leopold@tele2.se Henrik Leopold

You can also pay from an European bank to our IBAN account. Our IBAN account number is SE 8795000099602607344187 and SWIFT-address is NDEASESS.

Name: Henrik Leopold.

Reservations to sell-outs. If you pay with Paypal or to our IBAN-account, you must first E-mail or write us so we can confirm that the items you are seeking still are available. Then we will also tell you how much the postage will be which we add to the order.

All prices are in Swedish crowns SEK.

Send the order to: Leopolds Antikvariat

E-mail: leopoldsantik@gmail.com

Phone: + 46 8 213420

Mail: Sturegatan 44, S-114 36 Stockholm, Sweden

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